As with her writing, Sonabend's films are glimpses into underexposed corners of history and contemporary life. Making films only when they feel necessary her subjects are horders, road workers, house clearers, family members and those who have an unique insight into largely overlooked subjects. 

In 2014 Sonabend travelled to Colombia to study its history, politics and folklore. Along the way she met people who shared stories of their relationship to Colombia and shed light on the deep complexity of its turbulent history. 'A window out of Bogota' is an insight into one anonymous woman's view of her country and city. Filmed from a balcony in Bogota and assembled over the internet, this footage documents a view over a few weeks. Interviewed over Skype, the interviewee shares thoughts, which often crackle and fade out. This video deals with notions of freedom, gender expectation, ideas of national memory and trauma. It also deals with methods of communication and the collaboration necessary to assemble a series of personal statements. A film by Gabriella Sonabend and her anonymous collaborator.

Sonabend presents a portrait of her grandmother Miette in early stages of dementia. A Hungarian refugee, Miette moved to the UK during WWII and was given elocution lessons to help her assimilate and hide her origins. As a child she fell in love with Shakespeare's words and in particular the speeches of great men. She never fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress and spent the latter part of life alone in self imposed isolation. In the last years of her life dementia seized everything apart from a few strands of speeches committed to memory. This film was made at the beginning of her mental decline and is the only record of an unknown self-proclaimed 'born-actress' performing her first and final soliloquies to the camera. A film by Gabriella Sonabend.

In 2014 artists Gabriella Sonabend and Sol Bailey-Barker were invited to create works in response to the medieval village of Portico Di Romagna in Italy. This film by Sonabend combines snippets of memory, archive materials and moments of fiction presenting nine new folk stories. With tales of truffle hunters, magicians, Pablo Picasso and Dante and Beatrice ‘Nine Tales of Portico’ captures a place seemingly frozen in time. Music Sol Bailey Barker and Micha Knorr. A film by Gabriella Sonabend.

Varanasi, 2013. The local government has ordered the population of one main highway to move their homes back off the roads by thirty feet or ten metres. Filmed over a period of 3 months, Thirty of Ten is a snapshot of this time in the run up to the general election and the relationship between the infrastructure and spirituality of the city. A film by Gabriella Sonabend. Selected for the Laguna Art Prize 2014.

'In the Way of Being' was an exhibition held in the former home and practice of Dr John Slome at 146 Walm Lane in London. The exhibition which ran from 7th - 16th December 2012 featured 9 artists who each made site-specific installations responding to the contents and surroundings of the house. The exhibition featured talks by Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller and British set designer Jeremy Herbert. ARTISTS Alice Gomme/ Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens/ Samuel Kilcoyne/ Harry Mitchell/ Hugh Nicholson/ Claire Poulter/ Will Saunders/ Sebastien Sebastien/ Gabriella Sonabend. This film is a walk through guide of the exhibition explaining both the works in the exhibition and their relevance to the history of the house. Filmed by Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens Edited and Narrated by Gabriella Sonabend

Kenny, Keith and Colin work at the Regis Road recycling centre in London. In this short they discuss the way in, which people associate with refuse and those who handle it whilst reflecting on notions of memory, perception and morality. A film by Gabriella Sonabend.

‘Flask Walk’ 2012. In Hampstead, London, three house clearers and antiques dealers reveal the ins and outs of their jobs and the stories which follow. A film by Gabriella Sonabend, Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013.