Two parallel exhibitions at The Koppel Project (93 Baker Street) and The Koppel Project Hive (26 Holborn Viaduct)

8 september - 28 october 2016
the koppel project hive, 26 holborn viaduct, london

“In 2014 artists Sol Bailey Barker and Gabriella Sonabend travelled to Colombia to spend six months exploring its landscapes and researching and responding to its histories, mythologies and contemporary state. Travelling across the vast landscapes of the country, walking the land; Sol created 15 sculptures, which reflected his historical research whilst engaging with the physical and ephemeral nature of place. These sculptural gestures were created using: axe, chisels and fire. The sculptures were photographed and then left in situ, serving as monuments to particular events and myths some of, which are fleeting moments amongst a long history of upheaval. 

Gabriella wrote a parallel narrative for each landscape, offering alternative windows into these worlds. Both Sol and Gabriella's works draw on interviews, research and observation. Two of Gabriella's stories have been published in the 2016 Nomadic Press Journal: SATE

Following this period in Colombia and a further year of research into Colombian history and the contemporary Latino Diaspora of London; Sol Bailey Barker and Gabriella Sonabend present ‘FROM MYTH TO EARTH’ a new immersive installation at The Koppel Project Hive (26 Holborn Viaduct), open to the public from the 8th September – 16th October 2016. Dealing with notions of dispossession and shifting identity this project ricochets between colonial history, family stories, myths and observations of lives both in Colombia and London.

'From Myth To Earth; Seeking Archetypes in Greed and Healing' an artist book, featuring all of Sol's works in Colombia, contextual writing and photographic documentation by Sol and Gabriella was released at the opening of 'FROM MYTH TO EARTH' and is available for purchase at both Koppel Project sites (93 Baker Street and 26 Holborn Viaduct).  

Sculptures by Sol Bailey Barker.

Sculptures by Sol Bailey Barker.

As part of the 'FROM MYTH TO EARTH' programme, artists Sol Bailey Barker and Gabriella Sonabend have organised a series of associated events, follow links for more information:

8 October 2016 - 'A sense of home' storytelling workshop with Gauri Raje (Baker Street)
11 October 2016 - Live Reading of Short stories by Gabriella Sonabend (Holborn)
23 October 2016 - 'A sense of home, Part II' storytelling workshop with Gauri Raje (Baker Street)

Paintings by Gabriella Sonabend. From left to right 'The Storyteller', 'Diego's Sister' and 'Esperando el Amor'.

Paintings by Gabriella Sonabend. From left to right 'The Storyteller', 'Diego's Sister' and 'Esperando el Amor'.

15 september - 5 November 2016
the koppel Project, 93 Baker Street, london


Whilst travelling through Colombia and since returning to London; Bailey-Barker and Sonabend met and came across the work of a number of Colombian artists, who influenced their perspective and deepened their understanding of Colombia. In particular these artists are connected by a fascinating and complex relationship to time, history and perception each finding ways to portray history with a philosophical questioning that highlights the complexities of Colombia and expressing oneself, within or outside of the country.

Many thanks to Arts Council of England for supporting this project, Lugar A Dudas Gallery in Cali for providing a workspace to begin this project and a support network in Colombia and The Rose Foundation for supporting the affiliated workshops. Special thanks to Ivan Castillo for introducing us to the wealth of Colombian culture.

With the support of the Arts Council of England, Bailey Barker and Sonabend will be curating an exhibition of these artists' work at The Koppel Project (Baker Street) introducing 6 Colombian artists, who have never shown in the UK before.

Images above:Contextual images and sculpture by Sol Bailey Barker in situ.  ©SolBaileyBarkerandGabriellaSonabend2014