As a musician Sonabend performs as Evelyn Drach a name taken from her maternal ancestral line. E.Drach was a Transylvanian mystic and storyteller, believed to heal people. Over the generations fragments of her story have passed down the family, reality and fiction merging and culminating in Sonabend's alter-ego. As Drach, Sonabend combines the different elements of her practice, creating immersive live-shows, using storytelling, music and movement to explore themes of inherited and collective history and ancestral memory.

Evelyn Drach releases music through AWAL (Artist Without A Label) and has so far shared 5 tracks off her debut album 'An Archipelago Rises'. The world of Evelyn Drach includes collaborations with artists Manon Ouimet, Sam Gregg, Maddie McNicholas, Sol Bailey-Barker, Ebe Oke and Harriet Poznansky.

Welcome to Soho, a place you think you know. Evelyn Drach dances through the city streets bringing passersby into her dance as the roads are perpetually being dug up. Deep under the city 'there's a beast that beats at the base of this old place'. Evelyn Drach is a musician, storyteller and performance artist. Her works crosses between sound, words and movement. Her performances take place on the streets, deep underground, in art galleries, music venues and cabaret clubs. Credits: The Beast by Evelyn Drach Lyrics by Evelyn Drach Production & Composition by Evelyn Drach and Raz Olsher Produced at Fossil Studios in London A film by Evelyn Drach Filmed by Max Robson on Super 8